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About MarikoK

The most comfortable shoes ever only for you.


Thank you for your interest for my website and my shoes.


What kind of shoes are you wearing?

Don’t you have painful feet by pointy or wrong size shoes?


No one has same feet, even Right and Left have different sizes.


I would like you to choose right shoes for yourself.


My shoes holds the feet/ankle firmly back into the heel. 

I use the lasts that is naturally feet shaped and it has a curve that fits your arch.

Your toe will be free inside the shoes that has broad toe.

I would say, these are the ‘feet-shaped’ shoes.


Some people might feel it weird shape.

however,I believe my shoes keep your feet healthy and it creates good walking and good life.


This my philosophy is passed down from my master Ruth Emily Davey and her master Alan James Raddon who first designed.


After few years of experience of making orthopedic shoes in Japan,I started training shoe making with my master Ruth in Wales (UK) no sooner after watching her video and impressed their philosophy and the way of shoe making.

In Wales,I was really impressed to see how much they walk daily.

Then coming back to Japan,I kind of feeling sad as I see not so many people walking in my hometown.

How long are you walking daily?

Don’t you feel walking because of your painful shoes?


My shoes is made to measure and made to last for a perfect fit and designed to be very comfortable.

Many industrial shoes are shaped really pointy and harm your feet, but not mine.

Achieved high flexibility by using strong but durable leather and suede for lining.


Of course you can choose any combination of colours, materials and designs.

Even if you choose black plain shoes,you add a hint of your sense by choosing bright  color of stitching or lining!


I look forward to hear from anyone who has any troubles in your shoes what you’re wearing.




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