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My shoes holds the feet/ankle firmly back into the heel. 

I use the lasts that is naturally feet shaped and it has a curve that fits your arch.

Your toe will be free inside the shoes that has broad toe.


There are three types of designs- Shoes/Shandals®︎/Boots.

Each designs have -lace up / buckle / strap / slip-on.


Click the illustration what you want to know about.






I use strong but durable leather for upper and suede for lining.

You can choose any colours of leather / lining/ stitching / laces and so on as you like.

Also you can choose the combination with fabrics like tweeds.


It depends on your size and designs.


Ex. UK size 4(JP size 23.5cm)

      ¥43,500~(+tax and postage)

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