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How to Order

For the customer who lives far from my place,I do mail order.

The flow is below.

1.Measure your feet

You may need a help from your family or friend.

I need the line all around your feet and two measurement.

I will let you know how to. 

you can also know how to by this video below.


Please send it to me.

I need the original one not copied.


And let me know what colour of leather you are thinking.


And pay deposit for the test shoes.

Of course,I pay it back when you don’t order and send my test shoes back.

3.Test shoes

By your measurement,I will send you a test shoes that is the closest size of you.

After receiving it,try it and let me know how is your feeling.

Then we can discuss about the sizes like ‘left shorter’,’right wider’ and so on.


Also,I will send the swatch of leather.

Let me know which leather or design you have.


I will send your shoes finally.

Then,I will let you know how much you need to pay with deposit that you have already paid.


Of course it is repairable.

Many industrial shoes are not repairable.

Don't you think it is the waste of materials and craftsmanship and your money?

Initially, it is an investment but many customers found it was cheaper because they can wear it over 10years.

example of repair after 15 years of wearing.​

Shandals®︎made by Alan James Raddon,Photograph taken by Alan James Raddon

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